• Refined Luxury X Ecologi Partnership

At Refined Luxury we believe in sustainability, we understand that the fashion industry is a huge contributor to global emissions. Our goal is to not only make high end luxury more accessible but help the planet along the way.

With every purchase, we plant a tree with Ecologi on your behalf. We restore, repair and resell luxury goods to combat fast fashion whilst retaining the experience of purchasing your dream item.

We Support Responsible Tree Planting - Refined Luxury x Ecologi


Planting trees has a number of benefits for mitigating climate change:

- Absorbs carbon from the atsmosphere

- Supports biodiversity

-Benefits human health and happiness

Refined Luxury & Ecologi - 1 Tree Planted with Every Order


Ecologi are one of the leading organisations combating climate change by planting trees.

We have teamed up with Ecologi & made the commitment to plant 1 tree for every order we receive.